School wise Gyansetu Question/Answer Details


School wise Gyansetu Report
# School Name Dise Code District Block Visited Date Visited By
Mobile No. School Open and functioning
(Que Sl no- 01)
What is the issue?
(Que Sl no- 02)
School functioning on time
(Que Sl no- 76)
Schools where Gyansetu supposed to be Conducted
(Que Sl no- 71)
Did Gyan Setu material reach the school?
(Que Sl no- 14)
If yes, was it sufficient?
(Que Sl no- 15)
Gyansetu Conducted Today
(Que Sl no- 17)
Gyansetu Conducted Today ? If not why
Was baseline assessment conducted?
(Que Sl no- 19)
Were students grouped by learning level?
(Que Sl no- 20)
Are workbooks being used by students?
(Que Sl no- 22)
Schools Where Lession Plan Created(Que Sl no- 73) Were the workbooks corrected by the teacher?
(Que Sl no- 23)
Please rate the conduct of remedial classes?
(Que Sl no- 24)
Nirman Lakshya Pragati Sugam Subodh
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